• Baofeng Brake Europe offers brake pads, shoes and kits in platform-specific low-met formulations for LV. Private label products are supporting major distributors and retailersBaofeng pads are of OE-like quality: ECE R90 certified, positive moulded, low CU, and use anti noise shim. Car parc coverage: >95%, 1150 PV pad, 110 LCV pad, 100 CV pad and 400 LV shoe references.
  • Baofeng Brake China offers brake pads and shoes in platform-specific formulations for LV and CV, incl. Low-met and Ceramic materials. AM products are marketed under Bendix®, Baofeng Brake Pads, Sports Series, Elite Series Ceramic, and Carbon Ceramic Series and to OE customers. Baofeng pads are of OE/OE-like quality: positive moulded and use antinoise shim where applicable. Car parc coverage: 98%, 1250 pad & 40 shoe references.
  • Baofeng Brake North America offers brake pads & shoes in platform-specific formulations for LV, including Ceramic and Semi-Metallic friction materials. Products are supporting major retailers. Baofeng pads are of OE-like quality: positive moulded, CU-free and/or scorched where applicable, and use antinoise shim. Car parc coverage: >95%, 1600 pads + 400 shoe references.


  • The Baofeng Dongying, Shandong Factory is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and OHSAS 18001 quality certified.
  • Baofeng Brake products for Europe are type-approved according to ECE R90, a regulation specifying design, construction and performance requirements & test protocols for replacement brake linings for road going motor vehicles and trailers.
  • Following Federation of European Manufacturers for Friction Materials (FEMFM) – Baofeng friction products undergo series monitoring assurance for shear strength (ISO 6312), compressibility (ISO 6310), coefficient of friction, wear test, density, cross break strength and bursting strength.


Baofeng Brake is a complete vertically integrated Brake Manufacturer. We make it all, from Friction to Shims to Hardware.

  • The Baofeng Dongying, Shandong Factory was opened in 2011 on 2.6 mio. sqm land with a covered area of 25.000 sqm with on-site processes that include back plate stamping and preparation, mixing, moulding, finishing, powder painting, assembly, storage and shipping. 
  • We are a primary manufacturer of state of the art shims with innovative noise reducing technology and are the all-in-one source for all new brake hardware with in-house production.
  • Baofeng is shipping more than 12 million sets annually. Our brake shoe manufacturing allows direct control of manufacturing process and reduces lead times & costs.
  • Baofeng Brake operates more than 80 IAM positive mould presses and 4 automatic IAM powder coating lines as well as an OE line with 20 400 to presses, cure oven, scorching and powder coating and 7 automatic grinder from Korea which can simultaneously  finish, slot, chamfer & grind.
  • Installations are shared with Huehoco (D) in a JV since 2015 in a separate company inside this plant.
  • The latest installation at Baofeng Brake includes 2 state-of-the-art fully automatic IAG 6-station double cavity lines in line with cure oven, scorching, powder coating, grinder and assembly line. In this line we use eco-friendly water based glue.


Baofeng Brake Inhouse R&D Center Dongying has 50+ employees including 20 senior engineers using OE Benchmark Link Dyno testing and 3D Prototype Manufacturing. 

Equipment includes Brake Test Center, Claus tester, constant speed, shear, thermal expansion tester, compression testing machine, scanning electron microscope and other physicochemical analysis equipment.

Baofeng Brake has developed innovative friction technology with extensive library of formulations, customisable to customer needs, including 20+ high performance friction materials on international advanced level and holds 5 patents, 25 utility models, and 10 appearance designs. 

Baofeng Brake operates state-of-the-art Brake Test Centers in China and Germany:

  • Brake Test Center Dongying is operated in the 3.500 sqm R&D center with 35 employees, 3 Link 3000/3516 Dynos, and 1 Schenck Inertial Dyno.
  • Brake Test Center Shanghai is operated in cooperation with Link on 3.000 sqm with 5 employees and currently 1 Link 3900 Dyno.